Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bruce Springsteen: Storytellers on VH-1


VH-1 recently recorded an episode of Storytellers with Bruce Springsteen set to coincide with the release of Devils & Dust on April 23.

A great rundown on the upcoming show by Jukebox Graduate. Caryn recounts the taping at the Two River Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey. Her observations on "Thunder Road":
"Another one he had to play twice, struggling with the piano outro a bit, but my god, I could have sat there and listened to him play it all night. This was, without a doubt, the moment of a lifetime for a Springsteen fan. In my humble opinion, "Thunder Road" is the mother of all Springsteen songs. In Somerville, the quote was that "Thunder Road" represented the moment when everything seemed possible. Here, Bruce expanded on that theme, line by line, summating with the thought that "This was my invitation to the world."

Driving home later, the boyfriend (for whom this is #1) said, "It's his invitation to everything about rock and roll" and I replied, "No. It's his invitation to EVERYTHING." The invitation, the themes of freedom and liberation and escape and life and living and seizing the moment and attempting the impossible, he touched on all of it in his comments. I was so overwhelmed by what he was saying that it is hard for me now to recall it with any precision whatsoever, but I do know that it was a vicious battle inside to not start weeping openly."



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