Friday, April 22, 2005

Ian McNabb and the Crazy Horse Influence

ian-mcnabb crazy-horse-spooked.jpg
Ian McNabb's latest album, Before All Of This is out now and bearing some of the Crazy Horse influence.

From the Liverpool Daily Post, the story on McNabb hooking up to record with Neil Young's backing band Crazy Horse in Los Angeles in 1993 to produce the album Head Like A Rock. McNabb said:
"I don't think Neil was very happy with it all really - nobody else had ever played with them.

"It's probably the equivalent of having someone go out with your exgirlfriend.

"They are amazing musicians but they are just all old hippies. It took forever to get them in the same room at one time.

"I remember they came over to Liverpool but I'm still not sure they actually know where Liverpool is."

More on Neil Young and Crazy Horse.


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