Monday, July 11, 2005

Kathleen Edwards: An Unknown Legend?

Just came across a nice cover of Neil Young's "Unknown Legend" by Kathleen Edwards from the KCRW 's Morning Becomes Eclectic program (direct link to Real Audio file.) "Unknown Legend" starts at about 35:00.

If you need convincing to listen to the in-studio performance, here's Tucson Weekly on Canada's other Unknown Legend by WILL K. SHILLING:
"Back to Me is her follow up to Failer, her ironically titled, Lucinda Williams-meets-Neil Young debut. But Back to Me shows her growth, not just as a confident singer-songwriter, but as a bandleader."

Live, as Edwards is archived on, the Canuck chanteuse and her unnamed band can be most compelling. Covering hero Neil Young, she can twist ephemeral into spectral, infusing Young's purple rural poetry with an innocence and innocuous knowledge of art and setting that borders on both cute and scarily advanced at the same time. Edwards is decidedly unconscious at those moments, blissfully unaware of her power, and that's a good thing. Even with the wink-wink intro ("I won't tell you who this one's by ..." she giggles), it's a transcendent moment, and it's easy to see what the folks at oh-so-hard-to-please Rounder Records heard and saw in her as an unknown just a few years ago."


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