Monday, October 06, 2003

Ashley Park's "Tell Me Why" Neil Young Cover

This is something to check out - a cover of Neil Young's Tell Me Why by Ashley Park: . The American Scene is a Mercury Rev influenced sound. More:

"Ashley Park
The American Scene
(Darling Music/Kindercore)
US release date: 12 July 2001

by Eamon P. Joyce
PopMatters Music Critic

Funny what happens when you spend too much time reading press about an artist and record and not enough time listening. The 'that wasn't supposed to happen like that' feeling is inevitable; a mild sense of betrayal needs to be overcome before you can even accept the product you hear. Such was my situation with Ashley Park (aka Vancouver native Terry Miles).

I'd read a Billboard clip asserting that Ashley Park was 'classically hewn pop' in the mold of the The Village Green Preservation Society and Abbey Road, as well as several other pieces extolling Miles' British infatuation.

However, upon listening to The American Scene, I heard something much more contemporary as the record seemed more like a natural successor to Mercury Rev's Deserter's Songs (meaning that you, the reader, should probably ignore this review as well unless you wish to face the same difficulty). While I now hear some of the Davies influences other critics have noted, the album still feels distinctly North American. At times it is almost Guided By Voices-ish but much more finished, touched by Neil Young (indeed, his 'Tell Me Why' is a featured cover) and Rev. (You'll have a difficult time convincing me that Miles' 'Rocket on a Highway' has no relation to Mercury Rev's 'Goddess on a Hiway'.) This falls well within the genre of folky, yet poppy Americana to which Mojave 3's Neil Halstead now aspires. "

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