Friday, November 21, 2003

Tracks Magazine Debut

And more from The Rock and Roll Report on another new music magazine.

In The New York Times "Betting on a Chancy Thing, an Adult’s Music Magazine" by DAVID CARR on Tracks magazine:

"The first issue features durable, adult-friendly performers like Sting, Ryan Adams and Robert Plant in a pure music format, one that avoids the broader pop culture sensibilities of more established magazines like Rolling Stone, owned by Wenner Media, and Vibe, owned by Vibe/Spin Ventures. Tracks pays little heed to of-the-moment bands like The Rapture and Killing Joke that are a staple of Spin. And it has none of the cheeky attitude of Blender, a more recent arrival from Dennis Publishing USA, or the teenage sensibility MTV's recently christened magazine. "

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