Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Tyde's and Ryan Adams

Over on reallyrather:

"One of this blog's biggest regrets of '03 is missing The Tyde's short summer tour, the highlight of which was apparently their night in Glasgow. 'Eugene Kelly from The Vaselines was there and we met Frances [McKee] as well,' band leader Darren Rademaker explained later to Soundsxp.

He also said this:

'I want to avoid being called Americana. I don't want to be compared to Ryan Adams, who's totally lame, he sucks. I met him one time and he was a totally cool guy and gave me all this bullshit: 'I wanna hear your music. Can you drop it off to me?' So I went to the trouble of dropping it off and I never heard from him again. In America he has a reputation as a 'guy slut'. It's when a guy chats up a girl and never talks to her again. It's like that but he does it to guys. So I got burned. He's not, like, horrible but I'd almost go see Sheryl Crow than listen to Ryan Adams.'

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