Monday, December 15, 2003

Americana UK's Best of 2003

From Americana UK a fine listing of the Best of 2003. The listing includes "My Morning Jacket “It Still Moves” (RCA 2003):

"The five-piece rock group from Louisville, Kentucky that, amusingly, one review pointed out must have been a town barred from hearing any music past 1974, such is the derivative nature of their specialty - that said, it’s derivative with real inspiration - drawing from a whole range of influences including Crosby, Stills and Nash and Neil Young, My Morning Jacket interpret the sounds of a quarter of decade ago with such vitality and honesty that it’s difficult not to be taken with their obvious enthusiasm and integrity. Consistently excellent and let’s face it, if you were given a choice of derivative, you’d rather have them than the Darkness. "

Also included in the listing is Lucinda Williams “World Without Tears”, Jason McNiff's "Nobody's Son", and The Jayhawks “Rainy Day Music”.

For the full listing, commentary and reader selections, see Americana UK.


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