Sunday, December 07, 2003

Kathleen Edwards: Cross between a young Lucinda Williams and a female Neil Young

From article by George Varga on debut albums being more crucial than ever. Regarding Kathleen Edwards debut album 'Failer' (Zoe/Rounder):

"The daughter of Canada's ex-deputy minister of international trade, this 24-year-old singer-songwriter has been described as a cross between a young Lucinda Williams and a female Neil Young. But her debut, which mixes the earthy intimacy of Young's solo albums with the punch of Whiskeytown, is actually stronger than Williams' latest work. Edwards' grasp of irony is made clear by the title of 'One More Song the Radio Won't Like,' while her dark narratives about lives gone wrong (be it through drugs, alcohol, bad relationships or all three) are balanced by her assured vocals and growing command of song-craft. "


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