Sunday, December 07, 2003

Best of 2003: My Morning Jacket's "It Still Moves"

From Bowdoin Orient by Sean Turley on My Morning Jacket's "It Still Moves" as one of 2003's best albums:

I don't know how, but Jim James actually does a better job capturing Neil Young's forlorn, high pitch purr than Neil Young. It Still Moves plays out like Young's Live Rust if Neil actually grew up in Kentucky, traded in the abrasive Crazy Horse for the Stax Records horn section, and sang in a grain silo. 'One Big Holiday,' the greatest American rock song this year, embodies the best of My Morning Jacket's major label debut. After the guitarists fire off a resilient three-note riff passage, Jim's voice comes soaring in only to break the clouds for a ferocious solo that, inexplicably, gets better with every roaring line. I shit you not: this song inspired my level-headed mother to air guitar. Now if that's not a ringing endorsement for a record, I don't know what is. "


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