Friday, October 29, 2004

Springsteen Plays to 80,000 in Madison


Bruce Springsteen performed two songs at a rally for John Kerry in Madson, WI before a crowd of 80,000. Bruce played "Promised Land" and "No Surrender".

Between songs, Bruce said:

"I believe the essential ideas of American identity are what's at stake on November 2. Health care. Decent wages. Helping the homeless. A sane and responsible foreign policy. Paul Wellstone, a great Minnesota senator, said the future is for the passionate. . . . The future is now, and it's time to let your passions loose."

From the Washington Post:

"It was one of the most remarkable scenes of the campaign season, as college kids and old folks, disabled people and local luminaries crammed a straight stretch of West Washington Avenue ending at the steps of the state Capitol in the distance. Students hung banners from their fraternity porches, drank beer and shouted from the windows at the crowd below."

Here is the video and here.

A reader of Thrasher's Blog commented on the video that: "I found Bruce's performance to be emotionally moving, heartfelt and inspiring".

PHOTO BY Washington Post

More on Vote For Change Concert, Washington, DC.


At 10/29/2004 09:56:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found Bruce's performance to be emotionally moving, heartfelt and inspiring.

At 11/05/2004 01:39:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's true that "the future is for the passionate... The future is now, and it's time to let your passions loose", but what does that have to do with John Kerry? Kerry and the Democrats are the flip side of the same coin inhabited by the Republicans. Both parties share the following: control by vested interest-(read: corporations, which are in turn controlled by banks, which are in turn controlled by...), adherence to confiscatory taxation which was instituted illegally in the dead of night as a means to finance foreign wars, upholding the bizarre policy of keeping drugs illegal, an effort to submerge the constitution and US sovereignty into a world system of nightmarish proportions, tolerence of health policies which enrich pharmacuetical co's, doctors, and the food industry, all of which is directly responsible for a heretofore unprecedented state of ill health, etc., etc. Ralph Nader said it all when asked to comment on the need for a third party: "I'd settle for a second one".

Many people have rightly lamented that some 60 million people were lowered to voting for George Bush, and some like me have lamented still further that when people forego their principles and vote for "the lesser of two evil's" they, surprise, surprise, get evil. What few have focused on is the 40% of eligible voters who abstain because they have no faith in a system which delivers evil in an unbroken chain of administrations which stand only for the raw accumulation of power. When these potential voters can be moved to action, or passion, then we will have something to talk about.

The first step in mobilizing this critical mass is to instill with mass movements on a par with Rock The Vote, the recognition that every individual has the innate power to influence the world of events, not through identification with an outside agency/party, but instead with right action and right choice. When enough people start to picture, and hold close to their heart, a world filled with the Love of God or Life or Creative Energy, however you wish to view it, and do so without engaging in acrimony and judgement, then change will happen in the only way it can- from the bottom and not the top. The clouds will not part to enable "God" to sweep all our problems away, a political party will not define our aspirations and work to fullfill them. People have to change how and why they think. Quantum physics reveals a world which is not static and fixed, but which shifts and re-forms according to the choices we make. When people's observation of the world of possibilities advances to the point of meaningful and righteous change, to that extent politics will have to reflect it, and the power of "God" will provide the means.

Pie in the sky? Purge your heart and your mind of anything which is unclean, and indeed "The future is now". Greg


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