Saturday, February 19, 2005

Blue Merle's "Burning in the Sun"

Blue Merle has a new album out "Burning in the Sun". The band is interviewed in The Ball State Daily News by Jonathan Sanders who writes of the band's potential:
"Blue Merle is a band on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream. However, Blue Merle is far from being a "mainstream" band, at least in the way it blends bluegrass sounds into conventional alternative-pop in the vein of Dave Matthews Band or Coldplay. The band is becoming increasingly well-known for its energetic live performances, and the first single, "Burning in the Sun," may be poised to take over the pop airwaves. We here at 72 Hours took the chance to speak with lead singer Lucas Reynolds as the band prepares to take the Midwest by storm."

The band is asked about if they could have one performer join their band for a live performance, who would they choose?
"We'd all love to tour with Neil Young, all of us are huge fans, and Beau [Stapleton, the band's mandolin player] would be beside himself! I'd love to tour with Muddy Waters, if we could find a way to reincarnate him, and put Herbie Hancock on keyboards."


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