Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Randomly Blogged: Wintersleep, MP3 Blogs, Mercury Rev, Comes With A Smile

  • One of the early predictions for 2005 comes from *6ize:
    "First it was The Arcade Fire, next it will be Wolf Parade, and then hot on the heels of these two -- the mast of their indie rock ship cresting the horizon as they sail forth from the harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia, comes what will be the next in a long line of amazing indie bands from Canada. Wintersleep is their name."

    A MP3 "Jaws of Life" by Wintersleep.

  • From Daily Tarheel article on music blogs:

    "Indeed, Web sites devoted to keeping tabs on these musical journals — and bloggers’ personal lists of trusted links — are growing by the day. Even Daniel Sheldon — curator of Boom Selection, one of the foremost hip-hop and DJ mix blogs — is a bit baffled by the numbers. “There are far too many knowledgeable MP3 bloggers,” he said. “How can they know so much stuff about music? It’s impossible.”

  • From Beaufort Gazette on Mercury Rev's "The Secret Migration":
    "Despite this disadvantage, Mercury Rev rise above on a number of cuts, buoyed by the high, delicate singing of Jonathan Donahue - who sounds like Neil Young on a helium bender - along with beautiful piano work throughout."

  • The new issue of Comes With A Smile is out now featuring tracks from Archer Prewitt, M Ward, Jeff Parker, Jens Lekman, Mark Mulcahy, Camper Van Beethoven, and Comets On Fire (a bruising fourteen-minute improvised piece with Burning Star Core), previously unheard versions of songs by Low, Cass McCombs, Art of Fighting and The Heavy Blinkers, two 'live in London' gems from Lou Barlow (a cover of Charlie Feathers' Man In Love) and Ken Stringfellow (a reworked solo piano rendition of Reveal Love), a superb radio session track from Dolorean, an uncensored version of a song from Brendan Benson's new album (and if you made it through the Comets track, you'll not mind a little profanity), and airings for two unsigned UK-based acts, The Eighteenth Day of May and Michaelmas.


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