Sunday, February 20, 2005

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Photo by Kim Rottmayer on from 2/09/05, Wilco in Columbus, OH - Wexner Center

Wilco everywhere, all the time, 24/7.

Great Wilco photos on by Kim Rottmayer. Nice gallery.

Over on Off City Limits, thoughts on the Wilco documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart:
"For anyone interested in the process employed by Wilco during the recording of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the demos are well worth tracking down. In I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Sam Jones' documentary on the band, Wilco discuss the creation of something new through structural deconstruction. The numerous versions of 'Kamera' on the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos and the More Like the Moon EP show how Wilco embraced this idea. This is a common approach to art in our postmodern, used-up culture, but Wilco employ it so deftly to create pop music that is recognisable in form but sounds completely unique. It also explains why more straightforward songs like 'Alone' and 'Nothing Up My Sleeve' never made it onto the final album. In the form presented on the demos, they could have easily slotted onto Wilco's previous album, Summerteeth."

On Eat My Justice!, comments on The Wilco Book:
"The Wilco Book is probably one of the bigger surprises I've had this year - what I thought was going to be an overpriced book full of crappy poetry is really neat.

Starting off with selections from Bern Porter's Found Poetry, the book seems to have the quality of a Wilco song, and reading the book with the enclosed CD playing feels so undeniably right. And then it moves into different anecdotes from band members about lots of things, featuring interesting pictures and artwork. The humor and good nature of the band shines through the book, and the first anecdote ends with a wonderful illustration of that- says Jeff Tweedy, "I wish we owned the whole building and all lived there, like the Monkees. And had a fire pole from floor to floor. It's not going to happen, though."

Wilco curbs rudeness in crowd, then rocks in a review of the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre concert in Palm Beach Post (February 19, 2005) via largehearted boy.

NPR's 'All Songs Considered' will present a Wilco Live Webcast. Wilco will be on stage at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, Feb. 24. Thanks via Some Depression.

More Wilco.


At 2/28/2008 12:07:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, what is with all the faggots that one encounters at Wilco concerts? Don't get me wrong, I like the music, but I could not for the life of me get over the snottiness of the crowd at the gig last night. They congregated at the front of the room and then "saved" spaces for their friends. What is up with that?! I mean you couldn't stand up straight at the back of the room but if you tried to move up front - where there was plenty of room - you were subjected to the facist f*6k*ng attitude verbalized as follows. -You cant stand there- why not?-thats my girlfriends space- your girlfriend? where is she- shes in the bathroom- WTF? Its not the Kennedy center its the 930 club! What ever happened to rock and Roll? I'm not kidding! I was ashamed to be in the same room with these people. Who T F do they think they are? Seriously


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