Sunday, May 08, 2005

Starbucks Rejects New Bruce Springsteen CD

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Starbucks tunes out the Boss' new CD Devils & Dust.

Starbucks said in a statement:
"While we agreed that the lyrics to 'Reno' did warrant an advisory, a variety of factors contributed to our decision not to carry the album in all of our retail locations."

The coffee retailer has become a major force in new music releases very quickly filling a void left by the demise of independent music retail outlets.

And here's a clip of a review in The Guardian by Alexis Petridis:
"Maria's Bed and Silver Palomino are fine songs, but the listener is distracted from their qualities by Springsteen's nasal impersonation of Bob Dylan. More perplexing still is All I'm Thinking About, which seems to be either a homage to or parody of Neil Young. It features a rough approximation of Young's wobbly falsetto and lyrical references to his doomy 1970s track Don't Let It Bring You Down, allied to the sort of carefree Chuck Berry chug that the perennially troubled Young couldn't muster if you put a gun to his head. You end up wondering if Springsteen is taking the mickey. You also end up wondering who he's going to do next. Tom Waits? Frank Spencer?"

More on Bruce Springsteen new songs from Devils & Dust. Also more on Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.


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