Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lucinda Williams' Live At The Fillmore West Influenced by Neil Young's Live Rust

From an interview with Lucinda Williams in the Rocky Mountain News by Mark Brown, Williams discusses the influence of Neil Young's Live Rust on recording her latest CD Live at the Fillmore.
"I was trying to put something together that I'd want to listen to myself. I don't listen to live records for two reasons: There's just too much talking going on, or it just doesn't sound good because of the way it was recorded. Those were the two things I was trying to make sure weren't going to happen."

lucinda-williams-stairs.jpg Lucinda Williams has also been influenced by Bob Dylan's music, as well.
"Bob Dylan inspired me a lot in that area. Remember those songs he was writing in the '60s, Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, It's Alright Ma? Look at the difference between that and those songs on Time Out of Mind."

More on Lucinda William's music and influences.


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