Tuesday, December 23, 2003

The death of the album?

From The Christian Science Monitor by Kim Campbell:

"This Christmas, Americans are going to be getting a lot fewer CD players in their stockings. Instead, they'll be unwrapping iPods and other devices able to store thousands of digital songs (if analyst predictions are correct). It's yet another indication that music buying is continuing its shift online. And one of the casualties may be the album, the art form perfected by musicians such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd. "

Well I'm not sure putting out a group of songs will ever be obsolete even if the album format dies. Maybe they'll be short albums or long singles. Probably the format most likely to grow is the full length concert format. As evidenced by Dave Matthews and Pearl Jam's success in selling full length shows, it's likely the trend will continue.

Thanks to Bob @ Ravin Films.


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