Friday, April 09, 2004

A Ghost Is Born

wilco radio

From chromewaves, our newest reliable Wilco news source, comes word that "A Ghost Is Born" is now available to preview on Wilco World.

Also, in the good news/bad news department, Jeff Tweedy has checked into a clinic according to the Chicago Tribune. Tweedy has had a history of migraines, and has unsuccessfully battled them with prescription painkillers.

Wilco has postponed release of 'A Ghost is Born,' to June 22.

Get well soon and take care Jeff.

And in a side note to the release of the new album which has been widely circulated in advance via file sharing, comes word from
Americana UK News that Wilco has established a site for fans to make a contribution after illegally downloading the album. The site, is designed specifically for those Wilco fans who have illegally downloaded the upcoming album as a place to donate their money in compensation. Through word-of-mouth, the website brought in over $1,500 in its first day. All proceeds will go to the band's selected charity, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Wilco manager, Tony Margherita, said:

"The band and I think this idea is great because it just underscores something we believe very strongly: that real music fans are prepared, even anxious, to prove their loyalty and support their favorite artists. They want to participate. These people are not the enemy... They're the backbone of what we all do. Plus, we get to support a charity that we think is very important, and I'm certain that a vast majority of the people who are downloading the record are going to want the real thing when it comes out in June."

Tweedy adds:

"The impulse to make music is as strong as it ever was... making CDs is not our reason to exist. We're a band because we like to play together, and feel good about playing in front of people, and we've always made our living doing that. That isn't going to change."

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