Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Revolution In Radio

Well you know how slow the major media is in picking up trends.

Witness the article in this week's TIME.com titled "The Revolution In Radio" (Apr. 19, 2004):

"Just a few years ago, online radio heads were mainly tech geeks willing to put up with patchy, low-quality sound. These days about 19 million people listen to online radio at least once a week, up from 7 million in 2000, according to Arbitron. Online listenership is growing at an average 43% a year as more people get broadband connections at home and tune in for content that's unavailable or in short supply on commercial stations, from blues to folk to Al Franken's new liberal Air America network, which is broadcast in just a few markets on the AM/FM dial but was streamed 2 million times in its first week, according to its exclusive webcaster, RealNetworks.

'People are fed up with terrestrial radio,' says Dave Goldberg, who oversees Yahoo's music site and radio network, Launchcast, which draws 1 million listeners a week. "

Oh really? You mean folks are tired of corporate radio? What's next? Probably tired of weekly news magazines that lag a year or 2 behind the trends.

You can check out more on future of radio on a new blog put out by Mark (producer of The Rock and Roll Report) called The Community Radio Report. The Report's mission: "Listening to the world one community radio station at a time."

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