Saturday, November 13, 2004

Dylan's "Masters of War " & the Secret Service

A re-assuring story in the Rocky Mountain News about our Secret Service and protecting our president.

It seems that the Secret Service had to pay a visit to Boulder High, Colorado. The cause?

Well, it seems that a trio of students planned to do a poetry reading of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War ", accompanied by background music, according to Ron Cabrera, the school's principal.

Some students and parents apparently let the Secret Service and talk-radio stations know they were unhappy with the plan.

"Rumors were rampant that during an audition and rehearsal for today's talent show, the students changed Dylan's powerful last verse at the end of the song to say that they hoped that President Bush was going to die.

The last verse begins: "And I hope that you die; And your death'll come soon." "

Th student group, which calls itself the Coalition of the Willing, made no reference to Bush.

The SS agents appeared to have left satisfied that no bona-fide threat was being directed at the president.

I feel safer knowing that Bush is safe from poetry readings. Don't you?

More on the song and Pearl Jam's cover of Dylan's "Masters of War" download which PJ played on the recent Vote For Change tour.


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