Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Jay Farrar Discusses the Son Volt Reunion Disintegration

In an interview with Jay Farrar in Chicago Innerview with Chris Castaneda, Jay discusses the Son Volt reunion that almost happened this fall , but then disintegrated into acrimonious dischord. Says Farrar:

"It was the first day of rehearsal and we were supposed to be playing music. I called them all and told them 'come on, let's set up and play, we can rise above these differences and work it out as we go', but they refused to show up and they really only wanted to communicate through their lawyer. I was sitting at the studio waiting for them. I was devastated. I still don't understand the timing of the demands or their unwillingness to get together, face to face, to try to work it out."

The article continues saying that jay has a new band and has gone back in the studio. There is also discussion of an anthology of Son Volt material.

Let us hope this all works out. More on Jay Farrar and Uncle Tupelo.

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