Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Iraq Is Not Another Vietnam ... At Least Musically Speaking

From LA Weekly column by Nikki Finke on the music's difference between the Vietnam War era and now:

" Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young spoke for a generation with its plaintive 'Ohio' in the wake of the National Guard's murdering of four at Kent State in 1970 ' a far cry from Young's perversely jingoistic post-9/11 'Let's Roll.' Where is today's anti-war anthem? (For Chrissake, 'Mr. Blowin' in the Wind' Bob Dylan is doing Victoria's Secret commercials.)

Will anyone pen a musical liturgy for Thomas Hamill, the Mississippian taken hostage in Iraq who, faced with crushing debt, his wife's open-heart surgery bills, a family to support and a recession-plagued economy, took a last-resort job with a contractor supplying the troops in the most dangerous place on earth ...?"

More on the state of music today.


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