Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Top 40 Bands In America Today


Information Leafblower has a listing of the Top 40 Bands In America Today, as determined by some of top blogs in America today.

Uncle Grambo on whatevs (dot org) | p.h.c.f.y.s.b. likes RILO KILEY and had this to say:

"Thanks to the raw power of Jenny Lewis' voice, they're just one great song away from breaking out of the indie rock ghetto and into the Top 10."

calexico-convict-pool.jpg Also, that California-Mexico band, Calexico (duh, that's how they got their name?!). Here are a couple of Calexico MP3 downloads on 3hive including Sunken Waltz, Ballad of Cable Hogue (French version) , Minas de Cobre (acoustic), and Stray.

Thanks to Mark over on Mansion On The Hill for the link. The new blog is coming along nicely!


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